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2Work Bio-Hazard Body Fluid Kit with 5 Applications X6080




This 2Work Bio-Hazard Body Fluid Kit contains everything you would need to deal with unfortunate situations. Within this sturdy case there are 5 individually boxed incident packs. Each pack holds a variety of different cleaning items and equipment, ensuring that you are prepared for accidents that may occur. Perfect for any environment where incidents involving bodily fluids occur- each incident pack contains: 10g of absorbent granules, 1x polythene apron, 1x bio-hazard bag, 1x pair of gloves, 1x scoop scraper, 8ml disinfectant spray, 10x tissues, 1x cleansing wipe, 2x dry wipes.

Brand 2Work
Colour Black/Yellow
Dimensions 320x350x100mm
Form Body Fluid Kit
Manufacturer VOW
Type Treatment Kits
Wall-Mountable No

£55.76 exc VAT

£55.76 exc VAT