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Decopatch Dolphin Mini Kit (Pack of 5) KIT016O



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Perfect to encourage an interest in arts and crafts, the Decopatch Dolphin Mini Kit will keep children entertained for hours and includes everything required to decorate and personalise your Mache dolphin. This kit includes 1 Mache dolphin, 2 sheets of Decopatch paper (30x40cm), 1 small pot of glue, and 1 brush. This pack contains 5 Dolphin Mini Kits.

  • Contains: 1 Mache dolphin, 2 Decopatch papers, brush and glue
Brand Decopatch
Contents 1xDolphin, 2x sheets of Paper, 1x Glue, 1x Brush
Country of Origin France
Form Mini kit
Manufacturer Clairefontaine
Paper Colour Assorted Colours
Size Other Sizes
Type Art Pads & Paper
Weight 130g

£62.99 exc VAT

£62.99 exc VAT