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Tangent Office Resources offers you a wide range of top brand photocopiers, printers and multifunctional devices to lease or purchase at some of the lowest prices available on the web.

Whether you need one device or a whole fleet, we can help you today.

We can find you a Photocopier which:

  • Suits your requirements/budget
  • Delivers a service agreement and financial package just right for you
  • Gets you printing or copying, fast!
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Did you know?

  • 5% of a companies turnover is spent on printing?
  • Most companies can reduce their printing costs by between 10 – 30%
  • 90% of companies are not tracking their printing cost?

Managed Print Services (MPS)

We can find you a Photocopier which:

  • Reduce your print costs
  • Help your cash flow by introducing predictability in expenditure,
  • Improve efficiency,
  • Reduce down-time and enable your IT department to concentrate on your core business.

We can help you manage your print costs in three ways

Device Management – no need for further investment!

We can manage all your existing printers– this means that you do not need to go to additional expense of replacing your printers.

We will monitor the performance of all your networked printers. Under our MPS offering, we will replace the toner even before you know it's run out!

Free Audit – reduce your print costs!

We can carry out a free comprehensive audit on all your networked devices whether owned or leased. We will also carry out a free review of your current lease to determine if you are getting value for more, If you are nearing the end of your current lease (6 months – 1 year), we may be able to 'buy' you out of the remaining term of your lease.

Rather than paying for your toners, we will set you up in a contract whereby you only pay for what you use!

Hardware – A system to suit your business!

We can replace your hardware with the latest state of the art machines. These are built to your specification and can be leased over a 2,3 or 5-year period.